What a month May turned out to be. First we have the buzz of the 100 Club and then we all packed our bags to go down to Cornwall to do some surfing, not to mention the small matter of Jim and Nici tying the knot.


Matt, Chris, Lopez and I hired out this proper pad with our respective others for a week, and it was wicked to get out of London for a bit.

Plenty of Doom Bar each night, a few trips to the First and Last pub, and to the Old Success, and got stuck into plenty of famous pasties. Made sure I deliberately burnt my face while surfing just so I could stand out in the wedding photos.

Check out some footage of us Going into the Water with Surfboards' -  (Icant bring myself to call it Surfing, but Matt was good !)
The wedding was awesome and it rocked in more ways than one, especially The Beatles tribute act Not The Beatles. They were absolutely quality, and kept belting out the numbers we all know and love all night long. 

Jim also bought me a guitar tuner for being his best man. Not sure what he was trying to say...

Here are a couple of pics from the big day. Note James, his new wife and his Mum looking like the Mafia Don.
Still found time to work on a cool little tune too which we have added to Lazy Flux. This one is called is a one off jam I've tarted up at home called
Celestial Trajection  























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