MAY 2009 - 100 Club

What a week, the 100 Club gig crept up on us in the end and I was there before I knew it. It was organised by Feedmemusic, who have been wicked. I like getting calls to say that everything has been sorted out in advance for us, thatís an absolute touch. If youre in a band, and you want a quality gig go to

We rate the 100 Club. Chris has been going down there for his birthday for years and we've always been impressed by the standard on show. We rehearsed a lively set for the couple of weeks leading up to the gig, and Im pleased to announce that we fucking nailed it on the night. Hats off to the boys, they did the job and I loved it. Man, it was hot up there tho! Needed a couple of backstage drambuies afterwards to sort us out! We have some footage of us backstage too. Check it out.

Off the back of this one we were offered a Saturday night at Scala, but we cant make the initial date. Hopefully we can sort something out for a night there.

If anyone has got any pics or footage of themselves at the 100 Club gig, or of the gig itself, send them in and we'll post them up on the site with our pics.

Here are some below.